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Welcome to TNL’s website!

Founded in 1920, TNL has served as the official Association for Amateur and Professional Theatres in Finland.

The current activities of the Association focus on educational activities, theatre events, the supervision of the interests of our member theatres, the provision of information and international activities. TNL also provides advice and assistance to its member theatres regarding any questions or problems related to the activities of the Association, and general advice, guidance and information on matters related to the field of theatrical arts.

TNL has altogether approximately 184 member theatres. TNL publishes four printed newsletters each year for its members and a general e-newsletter each month.

TNL is a member of, among others, the following international organisations: ITI (International Theatre Institute), NTU (Nordic Theatre Union), Pohjola-Norden Association, AITA/IATA (International Amateur Theatre Association), NEATA (North European Amateur Theatre Alliance), ASSITEJ (International Association of Theatre for Children and Young People) and NAR (Nordic Amateur Theatre Council).


The office of the TNL-Association for Amateur and Professional Theatres in Finland is located in Theatre Corner, in the Kruununhaka district of Helsinki.

When sending e-mail to the Association, please replace the ‘[at]’symbol in the e-mail address with the ‘@’ symbol.

Executive Director Annukka Ruuskanen

Tel. +358 (0)9-2511 2171 / +358 (0)50-540 3802 annukka.ruuskanen[at]tnl.fi
Organisational and theatrical policies, administration,
communications, international activities

Association Secretary/Producer Mikko Väänänen
Tel. +358 (0)9-2511 2170 mikko.vaananen[at]tnl.fi
Membership issues, educational activities, event production

Producer Päivi Vuorinen
Tel. +358 (0)9-2511 2172 paivi.vuorinen[at]tnl.fi
Press relations, event production